Oatlander Outlaws Basketball Club


Thank you for agreeing to be a team manager with the Oatlander Outlaws Basketball Club.

This is a role that many parents/carers in our club undertake one or more times during their child’s playing experience with us. It’s an essential role, but fairly flexible compared to other roles such as coaching.

Your first point of contact is your Club Secretary. This person will provide you with the information you need throughout the season and is available to answer any questions you may have.


The primary duties of team managers are:

  • to communicate with team members, their families and their coach or coaches about weekly games, club policies and events. Mostly via text message or e-mail.
  • to ensure team contact details and singlet numbers are correct
  • prepare and manage  a duty roster for scoring weekly games
  • to arrange for fill-ins when the team is short of players and advise on walkovers and forfeits
  • At a game do not allow non-team members to sit on the bench.
  • At the end of a match encourage the team members to clear the bench area quickly so that the next team may prepare for their game.
  • to arrange an end-of-season present for the coach or coaches and organise the team break-up celebration.
  • Remind parents and players of upcoming fee’s for the current or new season coming.

This page aims to provide you with the resources you need to perform your role.