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Dandenong Basketball Stadium is our main stadium we play at but sometimes games get moved to other venues. The club or DBA will notify if any change to location of games. Please visit our “Venues” Page for more details.

Players are expected to show commitment to their team by attending training regularly and turning up reliably for games at least 10 minutes prior to starting time. Apart from illness, injury or an occasional special event, players are expected to be available for all games and training, and to advise their coach and team manager in advance if they cannot play or attend training for any reason.

Players who have other regular commitments on a Saturday should make a note of this on their registration form. If possible, attempts will be made to avoid clashes, but players should be aware that requests for particular times can’t always be accommodated.

Registrations are done online now which is usually a few weeks before the finals commence in the current season. Existing players must register before the date which will be mentioned on the website as well pay fees. If they are new players or are transferring from another DBA club need to fill out the “Expression of Interest” form first then club will be in contact. Registration costs are posted on the online forms.

If you have any further queries please see our registration menu or contact the club

Two (2) basketballs per team are allowed into the controlled stadiums. They must be in a bag and remain under the control of the Coach or Team Manager at all times.

Training is on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday between the hours of 4:30-8:30pm. Our training venue is at our home stadium which is Timbarra Community Stadium.

If your child is unable to train on a particular night please notify your coach or team manager so we can work out another arrangement.

Saturday games generally begin with the younger age groups in the morning through to the older age groups in the afternoon. As a guide:

Saturdays – under-8’s to under-16’s
Sunday afternoon – under-18’s to under-23’s

Games are scheduled on Saturdays at 50-minute intervals from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. For the younger age groups, U8-U11, about 70% of games are morning games, starting between 8:00 am and 11:50 am. For these age groups, it’s rare to have a game at 3:10 pm or later, but they do happen. Older age groups (U14 and up) can be expected to play between 11am and 7pm.

Factors that influence the fixturing of games include coaches who also play and coaches who coach multiple teams. To avoid clashes, game times can often go outside of the typical range. Even if this is not applicable to your team, it could be for some of the teams that you play against.

Size 5 basketballs for Mixed and Under 8 competitions.
Size 6 basketballs are to be used for Under 9 to Under 14.
Size 7 basketballs for Under 16 to Under 23.

It is half of the playable games for the season so byes and forfeits are not included. EG: 15 rounds, 8 games to qualify. If there is any reason a player will not qualify for finals please speak to your age group coordinator. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their child plays enough games to qualify.

FAQ - Parents

An elected committee of volunteers are responsible for various roles that keep the club running smoothly. Our volunteers are mostly parents of our junior players and we welcome new volunteers to at any time.

Please contact our President if you’d like to know more.

The Dandenong Basketball Association (DBA) is one of the largest junior competitions in Australia. For more information visit the DBA website

For this upcoming season the teams are under the ages of 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 23.

The age is taken from the age at 31st December the same year.  More information can be obtained from our Expression of Interest form or the DBA website.

Fees can change over seasons so best to get accurate price from our committee. Contact treasurer for further info.

Throughout the season you will be rostered on for scoring duty approximately two or three times and possibly a third or fourth time if your team makes the finals. This involves scoring the game with a parent from the other team.

Payments can be made to the club as follows:

Bank Transfers:

Bank: Westpac
Name: Oatlander Outlaws Basketball Club
BSB: 033-341
Account No: 286562

Note: all online registrations will provide details of payment at the completion of the purchase.

Consideration is given to the skills of the players, as assessed by the Age Group Coordinator and selectors, after observations and comprehensive consultation with coaches and club committee. Also, highly valued are commitment to team trainings and games, punctuality and positive team attitudes and Team balance.

Definitely, please call our Treasurer to arrange a payment plan.

For injured or ill players who wish to receive credit for games missed, to assist with qualifying for finals, there are two types of requirements:

  1. For those players that have already played a game in the current season and are registered in their team for that season, obtain a signed medical certificate, quoting the dates that they are unavailable to play and lodge a copy of this with the club and a copy with DBA stadium, within fourteen (14) days of the days of the diagnosis.
  2. For those players that have not played a game in the current season, they need to have been registered in their team at the start of the season, obtain a signed medical certificate, quoting the time period that they expect to be unavailable to play and what the injury or illness is. The certificate must be lodged with the club and the club will then lodge a request with the DBA Commission to have credit given for the games missed in that season.



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