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Congratulations on putting your hand up to be a coach. This experience can be one of the most rewarding and challenging for you.

Regardless if you are a seasoned coach or a newbie, if you are open to embracing change, you can always learn something new or pick up different coaching methods that you can integrate into your current style to assist your players and take your team to the next level.

When coaching a domestic team, you have limited time with your players each week, sometimes the results might not come straight away. I strongly recommend you develop the fundamentals of each and every player first. Don’t be too concerned with developing an offensive structure, especially for teams competing in Under 12’s or younger. Try to keep things as simple as possible for your players. Don’t over-complicate things.

Basketball is the most over coached sport in the world. So let’s simplify it and make it about your players learning the fundamentals of the game in a good, positive and fun environment.

Coaching Blog

21 Feb
Development First and foremost, a good coach cares about his or her players and wants to get the best out of them. A coach must have the motivation and patience to teach each player the fundamentals of the game, whilst supporting their emotional well-being within the team. When you teach fundamentals, you should emphasize perfection....
21 Feb
Coaches Working with Children Check
Coaches WWC Every coach and assistant coach 18 or older must have a Working With Children card. The Club has adopted the policy set by Basketball Victoria and the Outlander Outlaws Basketball Club, coaches over 18 years in age and parents who are supervising children at training or games, to comply with the Victorian Govenment...
21 Feb
Coaches code of Conduct
Code of conduct Remember that basketball is for enjoyment Be reasonable in your demands Teach understanding and respect for the rules Give all players a reasonable amount of court time Develop team respect for the ability of opponents including their coaches Instil in your players respect for officials and an acceptance of their judgement Guide...


  •    Must hold a current Working with Children check (WWC) for all persons 18 years and over.
  •    Must have completed a Basketball Victoria Member Protection Bylaws declaration for all persons 18 years and over.
  •    Abide by the Coaches Code of Conduct at all times
  •    Take care of stadiums where you train & play
  •    Report any seen damage identified at training venues same day to club Secretary or Training Co-ordinator.
  •    Safety of children is paramount – do not leave a player unattended at the conclusion of a training session. If the parent often picks the child up late, speak to the family.
  •    Advise the Club Secretary or Training Co-ordinator when you are not training, do not assume the other team that shares the court will be there.
  •    Make contact with your Age Coordinator when a fill-in player is required
  •    Make contact with your Age Coordinator when you are unable to coach and a fill-in coach is required
  •    All coaches are entitled to a Club Polo shirt


  • Coaches Code of Conduct
  • Rules
  • Venues
  • Training / Stadium
  • Fixtures & Results
  • Coaches Online Registration

Club Coaches Portal with coaching content, plans, drills and much more for our coaches



Basketball Australia has a website devoted to their coaching resources. It contains useful tips, tricks, and strategies for teaching your athletes technique, drills, and plays. They also provide information on coaching courses and clinics – which are another great way to improve your coaching ability!

You can find their website here:


Basketball Immersion

Basketball Immersion provides valuable resources. It has various videos, guides, and podcasts full of information to help improve your coaching, and even has options for consulting.

You can find their website here:


Basketball for Coaches

Just like players, we coaches need to constantly strive to improve our coaching abilities and knowledge of the game. That’s what this website is going to provide for you. –


FIBA Coaching Library

The FIBA Coaching library is the ultimate source for basketball coaches to learn form the best and study the tactics of the top coaches in the world. Basketball drills, 1 on 1, transition, zone offense, zone defense, man to man defense, pick and roll, jump shots, layups, dunks, dribble, steal ball, rebound, assist, pass, block, each month prepare your team practices, watch basketball videos, download basketball drills, analyse defensive and offensive plays from top National Teams around the world. Don’t miss out the FIBA Basketball Drill Library and its excellent portfolio of coaches’ expertise !



FastModel Sports is a company that provide multiple apps designed for all things basketball. FastScout is used to prepare your athletes with stats, strategies, videos, and analytics; FastDraw is essentially your digital playbook that is integrated with your scouting reports; FastAccess is a way of sharing videos amongst fans, alumni, and influencers.

For more information visit the FastModel Sports website:

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